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Sustainability has become a top priority for startups and investors in Europe. More companies are making noise over their net zero goals and achievements, like Delivery Hero, Uber and Deliveroo. Investors are also joining forces across Europe to come up with shared ESG frameworks. Meanwhile, VCs are also investing big bucks into purpose-driven. \Sustain 100: the European sustainability startups to watch in 2021. Europe now boasts 800 climate techs and huge successes like Arrival, Northvolt and Oatly. But which other sustainability startups do you need to know about

The impact of sustainability has well and truly hit the European startup ecosystem, and climate techs, greentechs and cleantechs are getting just as mega as the rest. Arrival, the electric vehicle company, plans to go public soon at a valuation of $13bn Here are some of the top startups in the UK and Sweden working on sustainable alternatives to everyday transportation. Zeelo — UK Many sustainable mobility solutions are focused on changing the way people move around big cities Within the Swiss startup ecosystem, Curran says it's common for sustainability startups to collaborate with universities: startups like healthcare platform MyPulse and agritech company AgroSustain have also worked with students. Northvolt's Wigardt also sees big potential in university talent

OXGAV, which is a partnership between Oxford and Global Accelerated Ventures (GAV), is the world's first conservation-focused venture studio programme. It will look into topics such as food security, cleantech and greentech, as well as technologies combatting climate change phenomena and biodiversity loss News/ UK-based Sylvera raises $7.8m to right carbon offsetting's failings. By Connor Bilboe. Click here to read more. Analysis/ Sustainability startups are hot stuff To make boating in Amsterdam more sustainable, Job Veltman and Folkert Roscam Abbing founded a battery startup called Voltogo. They officially launched Voltogo AppBaterry which is basically a portable battery charger to pump up your electric boats

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15 sustainable startups to watch in Europe - Sifte

  1. Top Companies working in Sustainable Packaging Coca-Cola Between 2009 and 2015, the Coca-Cola company replaced fossil-based ingredients with plant-based, which are biodegradable; and manufactured more than 35 billion bottles which were distributed in 40 countries
  2. From energy sharing and ride-sharing to commodities trading, there's no limit to the kinds of industries green startups can tackle. This article looks at the top three green startups of 2020 as.
  3. dset, wherein nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and phosphorus emissions are transformed into valuable products

Sustain 100: the European sustainability startups - Sifte

  1. Spacemaker is another great startup that aims to develop sustainable infrastructure that can help companies grow while decreasing the environmental pollution. It is one of the millennium development goals of the United Nations
  2. Heat Map: 5 Top Sustainable Packaging Startups. Using our StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering 1.379.000+ startups & scaleups globally, we looked at innovation in the field of eco-friendly packaging. For this research, we identified 606 relevant solutions and picked 5 to showcase below
  3. Based on the data taken from Dealroom.co, Sifted's list defines the startups' valuation, key product, employee growth and funding stage. It also provides its own insight on the startup under 'Sifted Take'. The following Krakow startups have made the list: Brainly Estimote Airly Kontakt.io Synerise Silvair AirHelp SALESmanago Ganymede Talent Alph
  4. STOCKHOLM ⬝ 25 FEBRUARY: We are happy to be recognized by Sifted, the London-based reporting platform of European Startups, as one of the top players in Swedish startups to keep an eye out for this year! A team of experts have compiled a list of companies they believe are the next big generation of Swedish Startups
  5. Connecterra is building an Artificial Intelligence that will grow food sustainably to feed future generations. Amsterdam 11-50 $9,491,95
  6. Heat Map: 5 Top Sustainable Packaging Startups. For our 5 picks of sustainable packaging startups, we used a data-driven startup scouting approach to identify the most relevant solutions globally. The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights 5 interesting examples out of 1.000 relevant solutions
  7. Dott - Dutch e-mobility startup Dott is on a super speedy growth trajectory. Founded in 2018, Dott's e-scooter business has expanded to include e-bikes as well, being powered by sustainable green energy from local resources, like solar, hydraulic and wind

Meet Europe's Top 30 Cleantech Start-ups at Slush. Are you an investor looking to meet some of the most promising entrepreneurs and teams within cleantech, greentech and sustainable business? EIT Climate-KIC is bringing Europe's Top 30 Cleantech Start-ups to Slush in Helsinki in November In an effort to identify and accelerate the collective solutions for poverty, gender equality, and 15 other goals, the United Nations formed the Sustainable Development Goals. By 2030, the UN, working alongside companies, startups, NGOs, governments, and other organizations, seeks to join forces to solve some of humanity's greatest challenges The UK attracts the most VC of any European country, ranks third globally and has a growing herd of unicorns — but lags on R&D funding. By Freya Pratty. \Latest from startup Europe. Female VC partners. By Francesco Bellanca. Click here to read more. \Startup Life

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Sifted spoke to five mobility-focused investors — like JLR's corporate investment arm InMotion Ventures and Norrsken VC — to ask them about the most promising mobility startups. The twist was that they could not include companies in their portfolios. Notably, over half of the startups named are headquartered in the UK and Germany Sifted spoke to three Italian VC funds — P101, 360 Capital and United Ventures — to find out. - AlphaMaven The 28 Italian startups to watch, according to top VCs - Sifted - AlphaMave

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  1. The company parted ways with advisors FT Partners, and has since hired Goldman Sachs to resume its fundraising plans, Sifted reported. Wefox declined to comment on its fundraising efforts. The startup secured unicorn status through two separate Series B funding rounds totalling $235 million led by Mubadala Ventures and OMERS Ventures respectively, at a valuation of $1.65 billion
  2. Norrsken Impact Accelerator is sector agnostic and is open to startups in any area of impact. Each year, we'll also highlight one or more verticals in which we'll bring a little extra domain-specific expertise. This year, the cohort will be from mixed impact areas, with a special focus on food-tech and agri-tech. ‍
  3. In a world facing severe environmental and food security stress and a human population set to grow from 7.8 billion today to 10.9 billion by the end of the century, protein sourced from gases is.
  4. If you find an opportunity to hear hard-earned wisdom from an insider of a news outlet, please take it. On August 10th, Sifted.eu's Amy Lewin spoke with Fora x Buzzbar about trends in journalism as it relates to startups and VCs.She offered useful tips on diversifying VC and keeping on a journalist's good side - important since reputation is gold in the age of social media
  5. Attend various startup workshops, get in-person advice from investors and join the ultimate startup battle at PITCH, the contest section of the conference where you can compete for three days with the top 70 startups, in order to be crowned winner. KEY INFORMATION. Location: Toronto, Canada; Date: April 20-22, 202

Since 2016, the Digital Top 50 Awards have recognized Europe's top entrepreneurial talent, endorsing the continent's thriving tech scene. The Awards cover the full spectrum of the business and technology landscape. Startups from all over Europe (EU, EFTA and UK) can apply for one of the four categories Sustainability score: 85/100 Online footprint score: 80/100 Business growth score: 80/100. Agrivi on the 1st place among 20 European foodtech startups to know in 2020 by Sifted. After FoodTech 500 ranking Sifted selected the best European startups from the list and placed Agrivi on the top of the list

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BCG started publishing an annual innovation report—with its list of the 50 companies most admired by global innovation executives—in 2005. Explore the changing rankings and the rich history of innovation thought leadership The list includes the Next40 ranking of France's top startups, as well as 80 more names, making up the complete FT120. Here's the full list of 2021 winners — and Sifted's visual guide to this year's cohort. Sifted's visual guide to the FT120 2021 cohort. NEXT4 2020 FoodTech 500, the definitive list of global entrepreneurial talent at the intersection between food, technology and sustainability

Riga, Latvia. Peer-to-peer lender Mintos is one of the leading fintech startups in the Baltic region, having raised over €15m to date. The lending platform currently has over 270k investors across 65 countries and employs more than 200 people. The company became profitable in 2017, just two years after launching — and in 2020 it had the. 18 Irish startups to watch, according to top VCs Lisa järjehoidja Ära näita Sifted Connor Bilboe @ Sifted · 27.05.2021 07:0 Searching for the hottest global startups of 2013, we sifted through more than 300 entries, and of the seven companies chosen, every single one is an innovative business shaking up its sector's. Blue Startups is a Top 20 Accelerator in the US and a member of the Global Accelerator Network. Their mentor network numbers 140 members reaching from Asia to Silicon Valley. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Blue Startups aims to help scalable technology companies compete on a global scale

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Urbantech is a non-equity, pilot-focused accelerator program founded in Denmark in 2019. In a high-energy, three-month program, the selected startups team up with three Danish corporate companies, to create pilot solutions within the urban technology - which often blossom into longer-term business relationships. The program is structured like. The man putting coffee into fuel. Arthur Kay set up bio-bean, a company turning waste coffee grounds into biofuels. Five years on, with the support of Shell through its #makethefuture campaign, his company launched two biofuel products - including one used in some London buses. He talks to Inside Energy The coronavirus pandemic has had a widespread international impact on the occasions trade as nations initiated lockdowns and government Sifted Sifted is the Financial Times-backed media platform for Europe's innovators and entrepreneurs. common goal of integrating sustainability and impact into the core of their businesses. the way for the most universities ranked in the top 100 for innovation, according to a R ranking Top Trends from Global Foreign Direct Investment in the Netherlands in 2020 International companies look to the Netherlands for its logistics solutions, collaborative workforce and sustainability expertise and innovation. Joris Wilton told Sifted the reason the Netherlands has been a great place for tech startups is because the.

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  1. ations submitted by founders, investors and FORBES writers. The nine companies chosen in.
  2. Sifted, London, United Kingdom. 6,300 likes · 1,902 talking about this. Digging deep into European startups and tech | Backed by the Financial Times.
  3. Hi Sifted Reader, Happy Friday! Today's line up: The startup bringing private chefs to your home What the no code movement means for companies The top Italian startups to watch ️ Online grocer Kolonial raises €223m and announces plans to expan
  4. Delivered on Thursdays, Sustain is Sifted's newsletter covering the topics at the intersection between startups, innovation and the future of our planet. A good read if your innovation has to do with sustainability and you want to stay ahead of the Green Deal curve

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Greentech Alliance | 4,299 followers on LinkedIn. The Alliance is a community of 500+ Greentech companies 500+ top tier VCs, media and experts. Apply to become a member. | The Greentech Alliance is a community of Greentech companies from all over the world which connects the members to top tier VCs, media and experts. For the last decade the movement to create solutions in the fight against. Since its launch in 2017, Crisp has raised €3 million seed capital, topped up with a further €5 million in summer 2019. allplants - Founded in 2017 by brothers Jonathan and Alex Petrides, allplants is an online platform and chef-to-customer service creating tasty, plant-based meals. After celebrating serving one million meals from their kitchen, allplants have recently completed a €3.9. European traders are lastly seeing the worth in progressive inexperienced options. And nowhere is there a better must introduce environmentally pleasant applied sciences than the quickest rising supply of worldwide emissions: the transportation business.. As nations, cities and companies all over the world are making robust sustainability pledges, a rush of inexperienced transport startups has.

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  1. g in March 2017 from investors like Nestlé and Danone, which are also strategic partners for obvious reasons
  2. Sifted spoke to three Italian VC funds — P101, 360 Capital and United Ventures — to find out. - AlphaMaven The 28 Italian startups to watch, according to top VCs - Sifted - AlphaMave
  3. Global Top 50 chemical firms; the firm sifted through hundreds of samples containing hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria found in soil. It could solve aquaculture's sustainability proble
  4. The paper focuses on key success factors of startups in the European Union. Startup companies have a massive potential to boost the level of innovation and competitiveness of national economies. They are also uniquely equipped to provide extremely effective and flexible ways of meeting both existing and emerging market needs. However, the development of these microventures differs from country.
  5. Ukrainian Genesis Investments, recognized as the most active investor in Ukrainian startups in 2019-2020 by the Ukraine Innovation Awards 2020, invested in 6 Ukrainian and 1 Lithuania tech companies (total rounds amount $12 mln): a global platform for English learning AllRight, tech publisher Hacker Noon, mobile app developers an aggregated tool Adapty, VOCHI Video Editing application.

Vertical farming startups: the competitors, compared — Sifted. A growing number of vertical farming startups — businesses using a style of high-tech farming where crops are grown on stacked trays indoors — have popped up in Europe over the past decade Talk to Marie-Laure Mahé about vulvas, or period blood, or incontinence, and she won't blush. In fact, she is on a mission to stop these being forbidden subjects. Breaking taboos has always been part of the company's DNA, says the project lead of Essity Ventures, the newly-created innovation initiative from the global hygiene and health company About This List. Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 is a listing of the 500 fastest-growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America.For the.

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'Nothing is waste and get the best out of waste' is the motto of these three startups - Scarpshala, Recycle India and Anthill creations. From recycling or reusing plastic bottles, rubber tyres. We made it to the Top 10 GreenTech or CleanTech Startups to watch out for in 2021 published by GlobalTech Outlook. Global Tech Outlook follows the trends, opinions, and visions of top industry pioneers and leaders to influence the cognizance of emerging players Enevo listed by Sifted: Europe's top tech for good startups to watch Sifted worked with France Digitale, which represents some 1,800 French and European startups, to produce a list of tech for good European startups worth knowing ⁠— including Enevo on the list. Read more. Posted on 6/16/2020 in Announcement Sifted Read on Twitter Despite growing consumer interest, VC investment into European impact fashion startups was severely impacted last year, with a drop from €272m in 2019 to an estimated €97m in 2020, according to @dealroomco 18 Irish Startups to Watch, according to top VCs (Sifted [paywall], 27-May-21) Our top startup to watch out of the 18 mentioned is Wayflyer (eCommerce business financing), but there are a few other VCs and investors in Ireland that we'd like to hear from on their Top 3

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Pfizer Ventures co-led the $53m Series B investment round into ImCheck, a French startup developing cancer immunotherapy for a small subgroup of T-cells that does not typically respond well to existing forms of immunotherapy. The Marseilles-based startup was already back by Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund in 2017 when it raised a €20m Series A round. Volvo Group Venture Capital and. L'Oréal, Shiseido and Estée Lauder are three of the world's biggest cosmetics companies, and they're also some of the most active big brands in beauty tech. To get a better understanding of how technology is changing the cosmetics industry, we're zooming in on these three companies and the progress they're pushing Written by MaryLou Costa. Business writer covering the future of work, sustainability, innovation, technology, startups, marketing and more. Her work has featured in The Guardian, The Observer, Business Insider, Sifted, Stylist, Digiday, Marketing Week, UNLEASH and others

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Sustainability is becoming the new profitability. The European Green Deal has set out an ambitious goal to make the EU climate neutral by 2050. Banking on green innovation could simultaneously be an opportunity for Europe to become more globally competitive and an opportunity for startups to put the pedal to the metal regarding sustainability innovation If you look at the top of a cup of coffee that has been left for a while, you'll see this thin layer - a very slight sheen on top. That's essentially natural oils within coffee that are being released. It is that oil that we are using to help make biofuel. In the UK we drink an estimated 55 million cups of coffee a day 1 The Leap Takers podcast features up-and-coming European entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders. Every episode retraces the journey of a featured guest, with the goal to uncover the origin story of their projects, and to extract advice , resources & tips for (aspiring) entrepreneurs, makers, and anyone that wants to take the leap in their life SIFTED. 02 Oct 2019. Paris is one of the 5 cities that could displace Silicon Valley. LEARN MORE . 5 Top Smart Parking Startups Out Of 634 In Smart Cities. LEARN MORE . AIRLINE RATINGS. Sustainability Press Blog Careers. Sifted | 24 538 abonnés sur LinkedIn. In-depth reporting on startup Europe, backed by the Financial Times | The new media site for Europe's innovators and entrepreneurs. Sign up for our newsletters on our website: https://sifted.eu

(Sifted, Techcrunch) Friday, Sep. 25th: I found a good benchmark on consumer subscription metrics. Below are the main learnings. (Parsa Saljoughian) Top decile consumer subscription businesses have a 65% M12 retention, top quartile 50%. Prices and retention rates are correlated: the more you charge, the harder it is to retain your customer View Cecile Bussy's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Cecile has 9 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Cecile's connections and jobs at similar companies Top US funds by the likes of Accel, Sequoia, LightSpeed, a16z, etc., have ballooned in size. From the first few original vintages in the $200m to $400m range, most of them now count AuM in billions. When fund sizes multiply 10x in the higher end of the spectrum, it has consequences on the economics and how the general partners should allocate their time to make the most of it Sifted. Apr 8. 2021. Apeel Unites Avocado Suppliers Through an Expanded Network Fighting Food Waste. EU-Startups. Jun 9. 2020. Ÿnsect hatches plan for food chain sustainability. The Financial Times. Mar 3. 2020. What Is Really In Your Food? TeakOrigin Guide Has The Answers

In this article we will evaluate the 20 most unhealthiest countries in the world. You can skip our comprehensive discussion of these countries and go directly to the 5 Most Unhealthiest Countries. These 20 food and agritech start-ups are trying to overhaul sectors that are being affected by changing technologies and a climate crisis

The new industrial revolution: sustainability, decarbonisation and digitalisation - this is the theme of The Business Booster 2021. Your market place for sustainable energy innovations, The Business Booster is EIT InnoEnergy's annual flagship event, bringing together 1,200+ attendees from over 40 countries, consisting of start-ups, energy industry representatives, financial communities. Startups.co.uk is here to help. Simply fill in the form at the top of the page and we'll put you in touch with a range of agencies ready to provide you with a quote.To be put in touch, simply fill-in the form at the top of the page , and we'll provide you with a selection of quotes from a range of agencies suited to your individual business. Article from sifted.eu. Where the founders of Europe's top 10 digital banks began their careers | Sifted. July 2020. You don't need to be a 'tech geek' to launch a leading fintech. This website is operated by LendInvest Limited. All arrangements relating to the management of investments in alternative investment funds are undertaken by LendInvest Funds Management Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 624223) On top of it all, we're seeing record investor interest, showing us that the world is eager to see what startups the Baltics have to display this year. - Annija Mežgaile, TechChill CEO To join the 2000+ participants and see how the Baltics have been doing it for the past decade, tickets are available at techchill.co

With sustainability being a core focus for Talis, Cecilia Manduca spoke to Sifted, alongside Norrsken VC, Mustard Seed MAZE and ETF Partners, on the hottest sustainability startups we've. Netflix says 16m people have created new accounts this year — 2x forecasts. But smaller European streaming services like Molotov and medici.tv are also seeing a surge in usage. The question is: can.. The votes from the public and the judges are in and we can finally reveal the shortlist for The Europas Awards 2020 to find the hottest European tech startups! The entries were sorted and sifted by journalists to compile an editorially driven long list of some of Europe's most exciting startups and investors. The lis

- Top European fintech startups to follow in 2020 (Sifted backed by Financial Times) I invite you to watch our introductory video below to learn more about With backing from Euronext Exchange Group and partnerships with DLA Piper, and PwC Group, Tokeny Solutions helps mid-cap companies, investment banks, funds and asset managers digitize their assets on the blockchain Another issue is that, for startups who rely on the matching fund, it seems that they can't apply for aid directly. It's up to their investors to express interest in the fund. For many startups, this isn't the type of stability and financial assurance they may need during the crisis This year, Untold Stories Budapest joins forces with TechCamp. In June 2021 we will host 3 interactive workshops and 4 thought-provoking fireside chats with the possibility for the participants to book office hours with top-notch speakers and mentors. Fully online, free of charge. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the 100 selected startups to join the program to learn and grow together Digital banks won't be acquired by incumbents, says founder of France's top fintech https://sifted.eu/articles/acquire-exit-fintech-banks

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DMD Consulting | 1.089 volgers op LinkedIn. Executive Search boutique focused on High Growth Industries and Emerging Markets | DMD Consulting has international capabilities and local expertise. Such a structure enables to conduct searches in various countries simultaneously, advising and updating clients personally on international searches, whilst mastering local markets and their managerial. In this study, we have collected secondary data comprising 80 tech startups to validate the different types of pivots they pursued by the companies and the factors that triggered the pivoting Neighbours Estonia and Lithuania claim the next top spots. According to the VC firm, the new reforms in Latvia, and earlier last year in Lithuania, have turned the Baltics into a region with the world's most favourable stock option policies, making it easier for startups to attract and retain the talent they need to succeed 5. Scrape the batter into the baking dish and bake for about 35 minutes until golden brown. 6. For the sauce, combine all the ingredients in a medium saucepan

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